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The door to door courier service will bring you one step closer to your parents, relatives and Friends. You can get pickles, powders, spices, clothes from your parents. You can send all kinds of electronics, books, vitamins etc to your parents, relatives and Friends. All the shipments will reach in 3 to 5 business days.

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USA: +1-614-441-7256
India: +91 90000 61635
Email: contact@nrishelpdesk.com

Property Management in India

We use state of the art software to track all the maintenance needs of your house or Apartment.

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Handyman Services in India

There are several occasions where you need trusted source without any follow up to do the handyman tasks for your apartment or house.

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Human Services in India

This service was requested and designed by our customers. We get frequent service requests for misc things to do in India.

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